Considerații asupra relației dintre împăratul Nero și mama sa, Agrippina cea Tânără


The study of this article intends to depict some of the aspects that characterized the dynamic relation between the powerful emperor Nero and his mother, empress Agrippina the Younger, a family relation that influenced the history of Rome. The model of Roman education and upbringing applied in the royal families generally lacked compassion, caring and love, as the ambitious parents mainly desired power for their children and tried to persuade them in the direction of obtaining it by their involvement in the politics and government. In the case of Nero, he became emperor due to the struggle and efforts of his mother and due to certain measures she took to assure the succession of her son to the throne. The tragic end Agrippina bore upon herself due to her continuous thirst for power which she had successfully transmitted to her son and the brutal act of Nero who purposefully murdered his mother leaves posterity with a rewarding lesson. Namely, that kingship and power have no relatives or family and that Roman rulership stated that there should be only one emperor to rule above the riches, the laws, the land and the people of Rome.