Octavian Răuț și cercetarea castrului roman de la Tibiscum


One of the researchers called in the middle of the last century by academician Const. Daikoviciu to support the archaeological investigation of Roman Banat and also the site of Tibiscum was Octavian Răuţ. He will be joined by the research team from the Banat Museum of Timisoara led by M. Moga in order to promote and protect the Roman ruins from Jupa. Having extensive knowledge of historical geography and toponymy, he will be very usefull in topographical problems of the archaeological research. One of his studies dedicated to the Roman road network in Banat, which he published, had access to the excavation information from Tibiscum, which was largely unprecedented. The drawing with the stratigraphic profile of the access road in porta decumana gate of the Tibiscum big fort, referred to in this study is kept in the Octavian Răut archive collection from the Romanian National Archives, the Departament from Caransebeș.