Palmyrenii și implicațiile lor în comerțul provinciei Dacia


Emperor Hadrianus reinforced Dacia’s military defense system with the archers from Palmyra, being aware of the strategic importance of the outpost within the barbarous world of Dacia, and Palmyra from this emperor will intermediate the caravan trade between the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. This monopol will bring to the city from de syrian desert a big economic and political power. At Tibiscum and Porolissum, two settlements with palmyrenian archers in the garrison are attested bead workshops. The literary sources spell out that the palmyrens were beard beard sellers, and the female funeral reliefs in Palmyra show us that the port of these ornaments was greatly appreciated among the matroans. The bean production in Dacia was industrial and it was oriented towards the barbaric market in the Sarmatian environment. We do not exclude the involvement of palm trees in Dacia’s wine trade. Liber Pater appears among the great deities prefered from the active palmyrenians in Dacia.