Sărbători civice la Milet și în coloniile sale de la Pontul Euxin


The study has as object the civic festivals dedicated to the divinities worshipped in the Milesian Pontic colonies and their calendars. The Milesian Pontic cities followed the celebrations cicle rooted into the Milesian tradition, giving without question a primary worship to Apollo. In the Milesian Pontic cities they celebrated Taurea (in honor of Poseidon Taureos), Thargelia (in honor of Apollo Thargelios), Metageitnia (in honor of Apollon Metageitnios), Boedromia (in honor of Apollo Boedromios), Pyanopsia (in honor of Apollo), Apatouria (in honor of Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratria), Lenaia, Anthesteria and The Great Dionysia (in honor of Dionysos).