Vasele-butoi din mediul sarmatic iazyg


The barrel-shape pots of Sarmatian origin being different from the Roman ones, some authors searched for the origin of this type of pottery, in east, in the Pontic region. This category usually is formed from three parts, the small vessels sides being generally asymmetric. The asymmetrical barrel-shape pots, with the uneven distribution of weight, were surely used for hanging. The margins of the lateral ends, or the lateral collar were used to tie a rope to it. The uneven distribution of weight indicates that the cylindrical pots were not used just for hanging. It is unimaginable that a long rope was tied to the pot only to let the pot free, thus seeing it spin in circles. Because of the uneven distribution of weight the time of spin was larger. The method of utilizing these pots can be presumed: it is possible that the big pieces were used for preserving butter of cheese products; as for the smaller pieces were used for keeping of alcoholic fermented drinks. Barrel-shape vessels are not known in the Dacian, Daco-Roman and provincial Roman pottery, they are specific to the Nomad environment, the pieces found in Banat and Bačka being dated to the late Sarmatian period.